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In the meantime while deal with my camber issue (thanks for the help, all), another issue that wanted to bring to the forum was this: for some reason, my car eats AC/DC inverters that are plugged into the extra power point.

I run alot of extra electronics in my car (most of them wired and fused directly to the battery... and I also need to power a laptop in it. I've done this before by plugging the laptop's AC cord into an inverter and the inverter into a handy cigarette lighter socket. Yesterday, upon doing so, I smelled the all-to-familiar smell of burnt electronics as the second inverter in the last 4 plug-ins went up in smoke.

When the first one blew, it took the cigaretter lighter fuse with it. When I plugged it into one of 4 other sockets I have installed in the car, it burned up that fuse, too. None of the other items I have in the car, whether it be wired direct or through a cigarette socket (like cell-phone chargers) have burned up.

So, any idea what's going on here? Makes me think I should wire and fuse the inverter direct to the battery or get a real car cord for the laptop. But doing so doesn't fix any potential problems that I have. The only thing that I can think of is that there's enough current being pulled by the combination of both the car's original lighter plugs being used simultaneously (one by a cell-phone charger and the other by the inverter) that things aren't happy... but even then, why wouldn't I just burn up a fuse? With yesterday's inverter failure, that didn't even happen.

I hate cars... lol.

Thanks in advance,
Sean Douglas
Norman, OK
[email protected]
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