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I bought a used 06 50k miles from institutional sale. I know they keep their fleet maintained per manual.

Drained and refilled transmission.
Had one slip on R from P.
Used daily for a week in town.
Drove 600 miles to a new town.
Child used the car for 1 week.

Car sputtered on the road.
"Check transmission' on dashboard.
AC stopped working.
Drove the car to aamco.

Diagnosis: Car was driven over a puddle. Water in the engine compartment. Disengaged connectors and dried and oiled. Car runs fine, both transmission and AC. Cost $280.

Is it considered a good preventive maintenance to disengage low-lying electrical connectors and re-oil them? If yes, what can I use to clean them, dry them, and re-oil them?


FYI: Car was used in FL.
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