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My 97 Vulcan sedan has CA emissions.

I am still trying to get the EGR tube back on the car. Can anyone help?

The original tube broke when I went to install the upper intake manifold. I finally got it off by brute force, and purchased a new one which is different in design, but has the same number of connections. There is no part on the tube that has a ribbed area like the original one had. Now its connectors work fine with the manifold union, the EGR transducer, and the egr valve. However the tube doesn't seem to be long enough to connect between the EGR Valve Tube to Manifold Connector (or union as previously described) with part number 9F485 and the EGR Valve (9D475). The EGR Tube is part number F7DZ-9B448-DA and the EGR Valve is part number F7DE-9D475-B4A.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I am looking for either a tube extension or else I am going to get out the old torch and heat the tube and attempt to straighten the upper bend so as to increase its length to enable thte EGR Valve attached to bolt up to the upper intake manifold.

Does anyone know if the EGR Valve's design was changed or the EGR Valve Tube to Manifold Connector changed to facilitate this assembly?
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