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2000 LX Flex Vulcan 155KMiles

I got my Bull from the SC Department of Transportation at 122K and she had been maintained exactly by the book all along. I have done my best to continue the tradition.

Recently, when I accelerate onto highways or going uphill, she began to ping. I figured it was time to replace the plugs. (old= Autolite AP104; new= Autolite APP103) After a couple hour struggle with the back side boots, which had permanently bonded to to plugs, the plugs were changed out, along with the wires.

Meanwhile, during the struggle, I mangaed to break the intake legs on the EGR Pressure Feedback Sensor. She ran rough, but she ran. I drove a total of 16 miles, to and from work, including Auto Zone, where I got the new part.

Because nothing is ever easy, I managed to get one of the nuts off and struggled for another hour or so with the second. Finally I gave up hope and attached the sensor with one nut and a zip tie.

When I took it for a test drive, she still drove terribly rough. Not missing a cylinder or wires in the wrong order rough, but slow to respond to the gas pedal and like there-is-bad-gas-in-it rough.


The check engine light is still on... (I guess should get it read for codes), but shouldn't the computer reset the performance once the new part is in place? I know the light won't turn off until it is told to do so manually. Will the light being on be enough to cause it to run badly?

Will the fact that the sensor is rigged and not fully attached to the way the brilliant (cynical) Ford engineers intended cause it to work improperly?

I confirmed that the wires are going to the correct cylinders. What does everybody think is going on?

Thanks in advance


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You probably broke or disconnected a vacuum line while changing the plugs. Have you checked the coil pack for cracks?

Yes, report the code or codes here, and we will be in a MUCH better position to help you!
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