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Eatc Took A Dump

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So, I go out and leave for work this morning, and the Climate control will not even engage. Nothing, no manual, DOA.

I restart the car and get it to blow on full heat, and then quit.

After that, the A/C compressor kicks on in floor in FLOOR mode.

All I have to say right now is damn, I am angry.

And to top it off, they gave me a 2004 Sable GS loaner equipped with D**K!! Not even a power seat, and they are uncomfortable too. And the dash, well, you already know my thoughts on that one.

That didn't make me mad, the car smells like A**!! That made me mad!!!

Sorry, that is my rant and rave for today.
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Well, I got a call from the dealer today.

The EATC head will have to be replaced, sigh.............

They also found a bad IAC and that will be replaced as well.
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