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Well my dad was on the hunt for the amplifier for our '99 Sable. Unfortunately he couldn't find a MACH, so i bought one from Bull Geek :).

While he was at the jy, he spotted a white Taurus wagon. He noticed that it had EATC, and knew how much I wanted to do a conversion. You guys know that too :p. So he called me and I went over there. The car was a Taurus SE. From what I distinguished, it was a 2000 because the motor was a 'Tec, and the UIM was black plastic along with coil pack ignition. Only the 2000's had that setup IIRC.

The yard is a u-pull place with unbelievably low prices, so I'll grab the parts if I can.

From my own studying of wiring diagrams, along with other posts, all the parts for eatc are relatively similar. Do you guys think I could adapt the system (minus the ICP because it wont fit) from a '00 into my '99?

Thanks again
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