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I've read the owner's manual, I've researched as much as I could, but I still have unanswered questions.
2003 Sable Premium. This is what I think I know so far:

I have the manual option - set the vents that air comes in through, set temperature, set fan speed. All air comes in from outside, correct?

I have Max AC option - set fan speed , set temperature, only front vents, all air is recirculated. Question - In MAX AC, If I set it on, let's say, cooling 78F. Does the computer adjust the blend door automatically if it reaches the target temp, or is it on coldest while Max AC is activated? Does it self-adjust the fan upon reaching target temp, or does it blast coldest air it has no matter what temp I set, until I manually lower the fan speed?

In Auto mode - the computer adjusts the fan, blend door, and recirculate or not. But the Sable doesn't have a dedicated recirculate button - is there anything that I can do to have it on Auto AND recirculate? The Auto is a nice option, but the highway smells are terrible...

Thanks :)
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