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Hello all! first time poster and i would like to sway thank you to everyone tht contributes information to help everyone out! Certainly the spirit!

Drive a 98 taurus 24v 158k, floor shifter, eatc. Until last week all working fine. radio has quit working, display face on the console is dead, rendering no information on radio or climate control. Eact is stuck on high defrost. rear defrost works still.

Checked fuses under by drivers feet, 2 5amp radio fuses blown. replaced those, disconnected battery in hopes it will reset itself. Reconnected.. all working temporarily after couple minutes driving the console went blank all synptoms or ailments returned.

re checked fuses. and all are fine. after some searching on this forum, deduced the RCC module might be bad seeing the hVAC refaults to defrost. and front panel might be bad as it was flickering prior to failure. have located a donor rcc from junk yard and also a front panel. removing and reconnecting new front panel yeild no information. disconnecting and re connecting the radio control module in trunk also yields no results. un plugging the old rcc module without removing the vaccum hoses and reconnecting to the donor rcc module also yeild no result.

any ideas anyone? maybe a relay? maybe the radio control unit? maybe a master fuse i dont know about?
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