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Hey guys,

It's that time... HO2 Sensor replacement!! WOO HOO!! LOL jk. I was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers on it's removal. I know how to do it, but maybe if someone knows of an easier way??

Im planning on removing the y-pipe in order to get em out. So an easier way would be much appreciated. Thank you,


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Sal & I already talked about this method. Just posting for feedback from others.

The only real PITA is the upstream rear bank sensor. I was able to r/r without dropping the y-pipe.

Remove downstream rear bank sensor (easy to get to) for more room to work.

Disconnect electrical connector on upstream sensor from above.

Cut spare 7/8th open end wrench in half, short enough to be able to rotate past exhaust pipe. (I had bought a box-lot of wrenches at an auction for like 2 bucks)

Now you are able to r/r the upstream sensor w/o problems.

Reconnect electrical and downstream sensor, and you are good to go.

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