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Duratec Performance High Flow Y-pipe

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The Y-pipe does fit, I know it is amazing. Considering the fact that I had problems too. At first I thought the flex pipe flange was warped (becasue it would not seal and it sounded like i had no exhaust) so i got a hold of Nick and he sent me another, well it was doing the same thing it turned out the be that I had the wrong size gasket, I then got one from autozone and viola it was sealed and I had some trouble with the 02 sensor holes but i end up going back to the original Y-pipe that he had sent me and it works perfectally with the new gasket.

Well fear not duratec owners me a nick are working on a revised y-pipe. I am sending him my stock y-pipe so that he will have it to take meausurements. Hopefully it will work out and we wont have so much difference between pipes built of the same jig.

Jarod Adams
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I was quoted 1000 dollars from ford and that was a discount through my school.

The duratec performance y-pipe is 300 dollars
i have one that seems to fit perfectly but the other one they sent barley fit.

O2 sensors were hard to get in, bank2 sensor2 was at such an angle that if i did not tape the wires down that they would have hit bank 1's pipe.

Face it guys we have to work this out with them. There are no other places making a high flow y-pipe so we are at a loss if we don't try.

DP is not Borla and they don't have one of these cars sitting around or the extra money to buy one. there is only one guy down in so cal willing to test fit there stuff and he can't be without his car for very long.

Nikolas is a good guy and is trying as hard as he can to get these projects done. I talk with him every couple of weeks.

. One of the O2 sensors was in the wrong place. Just by a half inch. Where it was, the senors was hitting the tranny and that's no good. And you can clearly see where it bolts up to the flex pipe, it off by 2-3 inches. Even though the flex pipe would bend to fit, it's not a correct fit. So no good. Broke 2 O2 senors in the process. I'm very lucky there were a couple y-pipes lying around with senors in'm.[/b]
Dman was the O2sensor off like how i described?

ON the flex pipe flange how was that off 2-3 inches mine bolted right up no bending necessary and the second one bolted up fine?
could you draw a picture or something along that line?

i do have to agree the the o2s sensor holes were a bit tight at least both upstreams were.
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well somehow we are going to have to find that pic because for some reason i can't see it on the old forum. But the picture supplied by Damon in this post the flange looks exactly like mine on the y-pipe and it fits perfectly not off one bit. I would almost bet that the flange on the 98/99 is straight where as the 96/97's are cocked the one way.

ON y-pipe number 2 the O2 sensor was almost not able to fit and it is the same one as D Man described

but the one currently on my car fits perfectly in every which way

I do notice a difference in power all through the power band but my car is a terrible test car first because I am still waiting for diablo to make me a new program for my chip and it just is not going to happen, and two my car just does not ever act positivley to any mods at least not like Venom's 99.

Am I right in assuming that D Man also purchased the DP high flow y-pipe along with damon and me.

I guess I have the only successful install and only 4 pipes were made and I ended up with two of them.

I installed the thing the day after I got it and did it on the grass and leaves in my backyard with the car on ramps and that was not easy ecspecially since I am not small in the chest and the pipe had to come out with me it is a not to easy to remove that thing without a lift and an impact gun.

Might just be more trouble than it is worth at the moment but give Nik sometime and we will try to make a perfect one. I would alomost say that it was the welders fault because he made 2 right and 3 wrong that is if you count the proto-type.
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Nik is sometimes hard to get a hold of but you just gotta keep trying.

The Line that you call him on is also the line he uses for the internet.

he has actually had some problems with stuff on his own vehicles from the same welder maybe it is time to find a welder (type Person).

If he can get a everything lined out he might be able to give you a revised one when it is done atleast he did say that he would exchange with me so I am more than sure that he would do the same for the both of you.
it does kind of look off a bit

I can see the flex pipe looks crooked
mikehawk Posted on Dec 22 2003, 09:06 AM
  Yeah, but that's why they call it a flex pipe [/b]
Not quite.

It is not supposed bend to fit.

it is there to allow flex in the exhaust when the motor twists.
mikehawk Posted on Dec 24 2003, 01:25 AM
  I'm sorry, I know it's hard to detect internet sarcasm. I guess it was a weak attempt, but what I said was just a joke. [/b]
My bad

i can't tell either

i am not sure what they have to fix on the other ones but the second one I was given (and gave back cuz it was not mine) had the bank2 sensor 2 hole at such an angle that i had to tape the O2's wires over so they would not touch the neighboring pipe and a couple of the sensor holes where not threaded well
i have talked to nick about the sensor holes and he is aware of the angles
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