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Duratec Performance High Flow Y-pipe

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The Y-pipe does fit, I know it is amazing. Considering the fact that I had problems too. At first I thought the flex pipe flange was warped (becasue it would not seal and it sounded like i had no exhaust) so i got a hold of Nick and he sent me another, well it was doing the same thing it turned out the be that I had the wrong size gasket, I then got one from autozone and viola it was sealed and I had some trouble with the 02 sensor holes but i end up going back to the original Y-pipe that he had sent me and it works perfectally with the new gasket.

Well fear not duratec owners me a nick are working on a revised y-pipe. I am sending him my stock y-pipe so that he will have it to take meausurements. Hopefully it will work out and we wont have so much difference between pipes built of the same jig.

Jarod Adams
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When mine didn't fit, just one or two things were wrong. Just barely, but it was still enough for it to not fit properly. Things could have moved slightly during the final process of making each indiviual one. Which is what probably happened with mine
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I know Damon (Duratecchie) has a pic of the pipe installed, minus the O2 sensors beening in. With this pic you can clearly see the connection for the felx pipe and the 3" flange is off by a couple of inches. The pic is in the old forums, but I SUCK at the computer, so someone maybe Damon could put up another pic of what I described??

I can't exactly draw a pic of the O2 sensors that were in the wrong place, but maybe this desciption will help. By looking at the pic of the catless y-pipe, on the longer pipe, the O2 sensor that is after where the cat is supposed to be, the 90 degree bend for the smaller pipe is too close to fit the sensor in. The 90 degree bend on the pipe had to be dented a little so the sensor would screw in and not hit the bend on the other pipe.
I went and checked the old forums and the pics are missing. It was in the old forums, North East chapter, 11/22 meet, but all the pics are missing.

I think it was off because, maybe a bend further up the pipe was off by a little and that mulitplied by the time it got to the end, just a guess.

I have been trying to call Nick but get his machine, he caslled me once and got my machine( went to the movies and saw the Return of the King). So hopefully I could send it back and get some sort of store credit or something.
They should tweak a couople of the 02 sensor postions or angles.
1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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