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Dumb Question

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Can somebody explain to me how to tell the difference between a first and second gen SHO? Or a first or second gen taurus for that matter. Was there a change in the body or lights or decals or anything that I can spot from a distance?

Posting pics with stuff highlighted or circled would help a lot.

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Stupid reply..........

You've been here over a year, and have over 1500 posts.... and dont know this?

You've gotta be kidding. Please say you are kidding, because I don't wanna say the answer and be the butt of a cruel joke

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No need to circle or highlight, they are easy to tell apart, IMHO.
Ill show pics anyhooo... all pics were googled

here's a gen1 SHO


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Here's a gen2 SHO

My take on the changes from Gen1 are smoother lines, and less boxy body


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And here's the Gen3 SHO... There is no Gen4 SHO

Changes for the Gen3, my take, everything ovaled out


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Basically the GenI front end and sideskirts are dead giveaways. The GenI is just overall a little more boxy. Here are the differences from year to year:

from www.superhighoutput.com

Year-by-Year Changes
By Member: kjw86ca

1989 - came with the "basket weave" rims. A couple rare Taurus SHO's came with black basket weaves this year. Only available in MTX.

1990 - New dash introduced, new gauge cluster, steering wheel with air bag, new electronic EATC.

1991 - saw the addition of the SHO Plus model. It had a fiberglass hood, 24 Valve DOHC emblems on the side, and the first year of the body colored "TAURUS" logo on the trunk lid, many received updated rod shifter.

1992 - New body style ONLY available with a manual. Power still came from a 3.0L 24 Valve DOHC V6. Body colored "TAURUS" logo on the back, "SHO" stamped into rear bumper and "SHO" stamped into the sides. "24V DOHC" emblems now standard on all SHO fenders. 1992 had dual turn down style exahust tips. No spoiler, updated dash and interior panels, many characteristics of gen 1 still.

1993 - Despite being redesigned for 1992, 1993 saw a lot of changes. The interior was upgraded to an even better design, with a much nicer center console, a smoother steering wheel. I'm pretty sure 1993 had a standard passenger side air bag also. Exahust tips were changed to come straight out from under the bumper, and I beliver a spoiler became standard equpitment. This was also the first year of the SHOmatic. (Thats what motor trend called it...) This engine had 220 HP, 220 ft/lb torque. It came from a 3.2L 24V DOHC V6.

1994 - Different sway bar combinations, new computer for ATX, tweeking done to ATX transmission to improve durability. Body color door handles.

1995 - Last year of the V6 SHO.

1996 - Introduction of the oval Taurus. SHO was not introduced until a few months into the 1996 run. In the mean time, the gen 2 bodystyle SHO was still sold. The 1996 SHO came with a Ford/Yamaha designed 3.4L 32 Valve DOHC V8. Almost 240 HP (I think around 237 to be exact.) Ford prints that the engine has 235 HP, and 230 ft/lb torque, however. Only available in ATX. Came with a JBL sound system, big oval dual exahust tips, and a very rare cloth interior. They mostly all had leather. Also a cool little "PRND21" selector on the instrument cluster.

1997- Pretty much everything stayed the same.

1998-New "crystal" turn signals are put on the cars. I think late 1998's had a "black out" style headlight. Sound system changed to MACH audio. Rear turn signals changed to red instead of amber.

1999-LOTS of options taken out. No rear cup holders, no door trim, no pockets in the backs of the seats, no access to 2nd gear on the transmission selector, gauges changed to count by 20's instead of 10's. Came with blacked out headlights. Last year of the SHO. 1989-1999 RIP:-(.
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I'm not a complete retard, I know the difference between the v8's and v6's. It's just that the first and second gens always looked very similar to me.

So basically, the gen1 SHO's had a body kit and black door handles, and the gen2's had a few more decals and "SHO" stamped into the rear bumper?

Thanks for clearing that up.
Yeah, that's basically it.
I do know that the GenI's had also SHO stamped in the rear bumper too. In the genI's it was just the outline of the letters, while the genII's had the full letters stamped in, with little ridges in the letters.

Glad I could help.
No offense intended by my first reply. I was just "Befuddled" if you will.
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Anyone have any idea what you should pay for a Gen. 1 from a dealer? There is one in town here that looks nice in the picture they have.. they want $4000 for it, and it has 120,000 miles on it. That sounds about $3000 too much to me.. of course I haven't been to look at it yet.
Originally posted by mapleleafs@Apr 2 2004, 10:28 PM
Anyone have any idea what you should pay for a Gen. 1 from a dealer? There is one in town here that looks nice in the picture they have.. they want $4000 for it, and it has 120,000 miles on it. That sounds about $3000 too much to me.. of course I haven't been to look at it yet.
$4000? That better be $4000 pesos!!

4 grand is waaaaaay too much for any GenI. Period. Keep lookin, I'm sure you can find a much nicer looking GenII for half that price.
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I agree $4k is too much for a G1. My '95 cost about $3600 w/ 93k miles. About $900-$1200 sounds about right for a G1 w/ 120k.
Originally posted by Racer X@Apr 2 2004, 05:48 PM
$4000?  That better be $4000 pesos!! 

4 grand is waaaaaay too much for any GenI.  Period.  Keep lookin, I'm sure you can find a much nicer looking GenII for half that price. 
Heh.. I wish I could find a few more. There are only two for sale that I know of. The other one is a '95 with 135000 miles for $5000. Of course.. these two SHOs have been sitting on the lots since the first time I looked about 6 months ago. They've probably been there even longer than that.

I'd like to just go in there with a few hundred dollars and say I'll take it off their hands.. maybe it would work. Probably not though.. especially when they have a crazy price on it already.
Well...you never know. Tidelands Ford up the street from me had a 97 Taurus LX, Silver for 5500 as the starting price. I found out through word of mouth that someone got it for 2250 cash. Car had been there for like 8 months.
I don't think a car being on a lot for a long time is a major problem. My car has been sitting on the lot for over a year before I came along. I think they gave me a $1200 trade-in for the Lancer just so they could get rid of it. The problem iwth it was the ABS light was on, but we got that fixed.
The main difference I use to tell Gen1 and Gen2's appart are the headlights. Gen1's have a boxy, more upright, and larger headlights, while Gen2's have a rounded off, smaller profile.

There was a 91 SHO in my area in a dealership...I think it said $1500 on the windshield. Unless there's any hi-po parts and the maintenance has been meticulously recorded, any Gen1 isn't worth more than $2k IMO.
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