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Howdy, Im sure this topic has been covered a million times, but couldnt find it on search so here goes...I have a 96 gl (vulcan) and wanna move up to dual exhaust. I can use a duratech dual exhaust setup right? Am i going to need to find any specific year(s) at the junk yard that will fit my 96?

Thanks in advance guys,

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I may be wrong, but I remember Twilight saying the Sable exhaust setup was a little bit longer from the cat back. This happened with another members car when he tried to mount the entire dual exhaust setup from a Sable onto his Taurus. When I mounted my duals, I only had the rear section which had been chopped off with a torch. I had to cut off my exhaust and weld on the new exhaust, rather than just unbolt the exhaust from one car and bolt it to mine.

Finding a Taurus would make things easier, but both will work.

Make sure you get the hanger for the right side. A left side hanger will work on the right, it is the same part.

Silicone lube makes taking the rubber hangers off REAL EASY.... otherwise they can be a PITA.

What part of Texas are you from?
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