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Hey folks. I have a very tired '95 Taurus GL 3.0 with an auto. I blew a head gasket and ran Blue Devil through it. The Blue Devil does work 'cause it bought e almost four months of extra life. Trust me the head gasket was VERY blown. I managed to snag an identical engine from a '95 GL that had been wrecked in '96!!
Folks the motor has 12,968 miles on it and looks like it just came out of the box. I got VERY lucky. A gearhead buddy of mine and I are going to swap the motors out this weekend and of course we are going to attempt to do things the hard way. We're going to pull the engine out of the top instead of dropping it.
We have no way of getting the car high enough off the ground to drop the engine cradle assambly.
I was hoping that there were a few brave souls that have done a similar stunt and might have some tips. I'm not terribly nervy about it, but there's always little details here and there that can hang you up.
If anyone can offer advice, I would be very grateful to hear from you.
'Preciate it.....................Karl
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