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Hi, I'm a new member (less than an hour) and I read a thread about driver window working intermitently. I found some good info in it, but I can't find it again. I just want to thank some of the guys who entered cool threads about their window problems because it led me to a cure.
If you have a driver window "only" that does not work or works intermitently, try tapping the fuse/relay box located under the dash with the handle of a screw driver. Tap on the top, that is where the window relay attach to the circuit board. If the window works, the control module is the problem and NOT the switch or motor or a wire. This module is a sealed unit and is very expensive. If you can live without the auto-down feature, below is a a cure. This procedure assumes that you have basic mechanical skills and can do basic wiring.
Take the door panel off and find your power wires to the motor. Using a test light find the "up" and "down" power wire off the switch by back-probbing and pushing the up and down switch. On my car it was the black/white for up and beige for down. (yours may be different) Cut them leaving room to fit a butt-connector on it. Then disconnect the plug on the motor. Cut the wires and run a wire from the up and down switch directly to plug for the motor and by-pass the computer board.
Hope this helps someone. I went crazy for over 3 hours playing with the fuse/relay panel and replacing relays and looking for a loose connection before I read that thread. Once I read that thread it sent me on the "by-passs" the computer route. In less than an hour, the problem was fixed. The problem is the circuit board and is a non-repairable part. It is replaced as an assemble.
Hope this helps.
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