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Well I finnaly got around to dropping the Taurus back off at my mechanics and had him switch out the drive axel with a new one. I drove it all the way home and it hasnt started clicking yet. I pray to GOD it lasts because I'm getting sick of this.

A little history for those who dont know: I bought the car aprox 10,000 miles ago and even then, I knew the CV axel was going bad. Well I finnaly bought one and replaced it, only to have the NEW (rebuilt) one start clicking on the test drive after the repair. Since I did the labor myself (with my brothers help), the parts store refused to compensate me for the labor. Just my damn luck. They agreed to exhange it or give me my money back. However, they'd already sent off my core so I had no core with which to buy one from another parts house! So I could take back the $59.99 and go to Napa and pay $59.99 and a $89.00 core charge or take a chance that the axel sitting next to it on the shelf was not defective. I took that chance this morning.

I dropped the Taurus off at 10 AM and got my brother to drive me back to where I work. I barrowed my freinds 1989 F-150 and went back to get the axel from the technition (who'd meanwhile been pulling it out). After eating lunch in town with my freind, we went back and picked up the Taurus. Its now nearly 2:30 PM and I'm just now getting back to the office to sit down and tell you guys all this, lol. Basicly my whole day wasted (another whole day) and two tanks of gas because of this problem.

As I said I drove 15 miles home and made some sharp turns here in the parking lot and the new one seems to be fine so far. I certainly hope this is the end of this story. Next: Power steering leak repair.
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