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I don't want to sound like a broken record and repeat what Nick has said. If anyone out there in the Socal area has a gen4 taurus and would be willing to bring it down to the shop in Glendale for a fitting on a weekend, this would help out the CAI project tremendously. My car is a gen3 and is only good for the years 96-99. It will be nice if we could verify that the gen4 could use the same design for the CAI as the Gen3 and not have to rengineer it. This would save costs and allow future products to come out for the taurii(and not only the duratec engines).
The key thing to remember is that there isn't a whole lot of people making aftermarket parts for the taurus. So by supporting products being developed by these companies, this will allow future products to continue to be developed. This could be Draxas, Anonda(bob), Shofast, you name it. Sure they might seem a little pricier compared to say a Homedepot special but at least you know someone spent the time to do something right and test out things. And the nice thing is that since the customers are so close in terms of communication with the manufacturing, design changes and improvements can be made easily.
So to wrap up this rant. Support your local after market parts developer so that others can easily pick up these after market performance parts without having to engineer them themselves with a potential of unintended consequences.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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