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Draxas Cold Air Intake For 96-99 Dohc Taurus/sable

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Hey everyone,

I wanted to let you know we would be completing the Cold Air Intake we began designing last fall. We will complete the 1996-1999 Cold Air Intake and then move forward to the 2000+ CAI. In order to complete the 2000+ intake, we will need both a 2000 model year and a 2002+ model year to stop by our fabrication shop in Glendale, CA.

I believe that Levi from SoCal, who we used to begin the development, is going to stop by with his 1996 Taurus. So we just need one more person to step up and volunteer their time. Those who help us will of course receive a free intake.

For those that do not remember (or maybe never knew at all), our cold air intake will be a true cold air intake, with the filter located in the fender well of the car. Our kit will replace the rubber accordian tube between the throttle body and MAF, and it will also have a pipe coming from the MAF to the fender well. Both pipes will be ceramic coated to keep the intake air temps as low as possible.

As soon as Levi can make it back down to our shop, then we can complete our work on this project.

If anyone has any questions for us, please post them here. We are VERY anxious to complete our work on Cold Air Intakes for Gen III and 4 Duratec and Vulcan Taurus/Sable.

Happy Motoring,

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Man this is great news. I'd definetely be interested in a CAI for my gen4 vulcan if the price/performance is right.
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Will the MAF connections allow us to replace the stock MAF with a larger (e.g. 80mm) MAF, as well as a larger TB? Also, I'm sure everyone is wondering what the price (ROughly) will be. Thanks
Will the MAF connections allow us to replace the stock MAF with a larger (e.g. 80mm) MAF, as well as a larger TB? Also, I'm sure everyone is wondering what the price (ROughly) will be. Thanks[/b]
Bingo. I will love to have one. A little more expensive than the one I was thinking about making I'm sure but if I can do the above with it, I am in.
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If the price is right I'm in.
Thanks for all of your posts!

We are scheduled to meet up with the Gen3 and Gen4 Duratec owners on January 31st.

We are already about 70% done on the Gen 3 intake, so we will definitely complete the Gen 3 that day. If the Gen 4 engine bay and wheel well are similar enough to the Gen 3, then the Gen 3 intake will probably fit the Gen 4. This is what we will be looking for that day.

Being that the Gen 3 has a perfect sized hole in the fender next to the battery that our pipe will go into, the Gen 4 will need to have a similarly sized/located hole. Does anyone know off the top of their head if the Gen 4 has the same hole in the fender as the Gen 3?

Once we are done with the Duratec intakes we have to go back to another vehicle for more testing and then we will revisit the Vulcan powered Taurus.

We will also be developing cat back exhausts for both the Gen3 and Gen4 Duratec and Vulcan powered Taurus.

I have no estimates on price at this time, but I cant see it costing any more than other intake brands like K&N, Injen or AEM.

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We are scheduled to have the SoCal Taurus owner Levi stop by the shop this Saturday so we can complete our initial design and prototype of our Gen III Duratec Taurus Cold Air Intake.

If there are any Gen III Vulcan owners who live in or near SoCal and want to participate in our prototyping, please email me at:

[email protected]

We would like to have a Gen III Vulcan owner stop by the shop this Saturday, January 31st, so we can compare engine bay layouts and intake designs to the Duratec Taurus. We want to offer cold air intakes for both engines in the Gen III and Gen 4 Taurus/Sable.

The sooner we can get a Vulcan owner into our shop, the sooner we can release our intake kits.

Happy Motoring,

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Do you have any pics? That's cool that you have them.
I will be sure to take pictures this weekend. Keep in mind, the pics I post will be of a rough, non-functional prototype. The finished product will look much nicer (ceramic coated).

Hopefully we can move these intakes into production relatively quickly.

I want to say thanks to Levi for stopping by the shop and allowing us to finish up the Gen III Cold Air Intake.

Now that we have all of the prototype pipes ready, we are that much closer to production.

Our kit will replace everything after the throttle body (except for the MAF of course). There will be a small pipe connected to the throttle body that has 4 "nipples" on it for connecting the various vaccum tubes and the IAT sensor. This small pipe wil then of course be connected to the MAF, and a second, long pipe will be connected to the MAF on the other side.

This is the pipe that will curve and go into the fenderwell. The 5" cone filter will be attached to the bottom of the second pipe, thus providing cool air to the engine. Our pipe will be 3" in diameter and will be ceramic coated to keep heat down even more. Our silicon couplers are produced by ThermalFlex and are the highest quality silicon couplers you can use.

The kit will include all of the parts necessary to make the installation trouble free. An initial estimate for the release date on this intake would be about 5 weeks from now. We will more than likely do a pre-order and those people who want to jump in early, will get a discount off the price and free shipping.

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So it will come with a new air filter, K&N maybe??

I think I'd be down with a pre-order, and save a little money

Glad to see someone has finally got this thing alomst done
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The Gen 4 has a hole in the fender well also, where the stock intake silencer ran through. I don't know if it's the same size as the gen 3, but I do know it's there. This is an intire kit with tubing, MAF adapter, and cone filter, right?

This kit will have EVERYTHING:

Ceramic Coated Tubing
Silicon Couplers
Silicon Hoses
Stainless Steel Clamps
MAF Adapter
Cone Filter

You will also have the option to buy a filter cleaning kit at the time of purchase (to save on shipping of not having to buy it in the future).

As soon as we can get a Gen 4 to stop by the shop we can determine once and for all if the Gen 4 can use the same kit. I hope the kit wil work with both, that way the Gen 4 guys dont have to wait for us to re-visit the design.

We will of course need to have a Gen 3 and Gen 4 Vulcan stop by the shop sometime in March.....

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Originally posted by Draxas_VP@Feb 2 2004, 10:44 AM
There will be a small pipe connected to the throttle body that has 4 "nipples" on it for connecting the various vaccum tubes and the IAT sensor.
Would the 'nipple pipe' be available separately?
We should be able to make a few extra "nipple" pipes to stock. I would have to get back to you on a cost for just that pipe..but prolly somewhere around $40-$50 or so...

I don't want to sound like a broken record and repeat what Nick has said. If anyone out there in the Socal area has a gen4 taurus and would be willing to bring it down to the shop in Glendale for a fitting on a weekend, this would help out the CAI project tremendously. My car is a gen3 and is only good for the years 96-99. It will be nice if we could verify that the gen4 could use the same design for the CAI as the Gen3 and not have to rengineer it. This would save costs and allow future products to come out for the taurii(and not only the duratec engines).
The key thing to remember is that there isn't a whole lot of people making aftermarket parts for the taurus. So by supporting products being developed by these companies, this will allow future products to continue to be developed. This could be Draxas, Anonda(bob), Shofast, you name it. Sure they might seem a little pricier compared to say a Homedepot special but at least you know someone spent the time to do something right and test out things. And the nice thing is that since the customers are so close in terms of communication with the manufacturing, design changes and improvements can be made easily.
So to wrap up this rant. Support your local after market parts developer so that others can easily pick up these after market performance parts without having to engineer them themselves with a potential of unintended consequences.
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When the intakes are ready for pre-order, I will make a post here on the message boards. We wont run the pre-order until we are relatively close to production, like 2-3 weeks away.

I have been contacted by a Gen 4 Duratec owner and he might be stopping by the shop on the 21st.

i am making my car availabe on the 21st of feb i have made my car open in the past i mean nikolas can have my car for a month if he needs it he says he has no where to keep it and i understand that but i attened his dyno day and as soon as he gets me directions i will be there on the 21st hope that helps you guys.
How far can you ship a CAI for the gen4 duratec?

*lives in wisconsin*
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