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After my CEL Check engine light came on I first looked around for a cheap way to read the codes and bought a DIGI-MOTO unit since I have a small laptop computer. Very cools and cost me $109.00 and the module I bought works with any US made car.
I got the infamous P0401 code, reset the ECL and waited. Five days later it was back. Found a VCERTT NEWS memo that specifically addresses this which says all of this problem has been attributed to the bad DPFE sensors on Fords. That link is http://vcertt.org/news/10-03.pdf

Got a new DPFE at local Ford dealer parts for $29.78 Part# 4U7Z-9J460-AA, for my V6 12 valve engine. There's a different part for 24 valve engine.


Highly recommend the DIGI-MOTO code reader if you have a laptop computer.
Bob McGrath, Cincinnati, OH :D
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