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Door Handle...

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Hi, thanks in advance for any help. Before I tear apart the door, I thought I'd see if anyone has any gems of advice on how to fix this... 95 Taurus, 4door sedan. About two weeks ago, I opened my driver door, and heard something metal fall out ... thought it was just something that fell outa my car. Got home though, and noticed the interior door handle wouldn't go back down on it's own, so I figured I lost a spring. Door worked fine though, just had to push the handle closed, no bigee.

So last night I go to get in to my car, and the driver side door handle won't open the car. The interior one still does, just not from outside. Also notice that the look button has to be hit a few times to get the driver door to unlock. The only problem I've had with the thing along these lines is that the door wouldn't unlock from using the interior handle (ya know how Fords will unlock if you open from the inside). Other than that, it's been a fabulous car.

Any ideas? Please help, before I mangle my cars door panel :))
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At first it was my right rear door....then my left rear door...and now it's my driver door that won't open.....I think my bull hates me....oh well, later on i', going to try to fix it (again)
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