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A while back I replaced the lock actuator in the rear-passenger door or my 2003 Ford Taurus SE. It was such a tight fit in there that I couldn't get the power lock out w/o bending the rod that attaches from the actuator to the...um lock plunger or w/e it's called. Well, the motor works fine now and when I unlock and lock the doors the plunger goes up and down just fine. However, it seems that the plunger isn't going all the way up to full engage. When I pull the exterior door after electronically unlocking the car, the plunger will slightly fall and the door won't open. If I reach around the B-piller from the front door and pull the plunger up by hand then the exterior handle works.
So to my understanding the problem is that the rod from the actuator to the plunger is out of whack. I've done the best I can to reshape it but the problem still persist. Occasionally, but rarely the handle will work.
I've even been going to pick n pull to pull a new door if I can find the same color and it doesn't have any damage. I've tried to pull a lock rod from a couple cars there and I can't get that lock rod out w/o bending it.

Anyone have this issue after changing an actuator? Is there any way to fix it?
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