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Don't Know If This Has Been Posted Or Not...

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GREETINGS to the SHO community.

We are getting out of the SHO used parts business and It is my sad duty to announce that we will be crushing our inventory of SHOs before the end of April. We will remove the most popular parts first but then the bodies will be destroyed. We plan on storing the most popular parts and selling them off until they're gone.

We have been selling SHO parts for several years now and have shipped to more than 14 countries. We have a customer base numbering in the thousands. Unfortunately we have never made a profit and cannot continue to run this charitable enterprise.

We want to thank our customers for their support. Over the years, 99.9 % of all of our transactions have been a wonderful experience. Unfortunately that .1 percent that have ripped us off by stopping payment on credit cards and bad checks has cost us over $5,000.

We would like to see someone take over the operation, but being located in Central Nebraska has a big drawback for finding a new owner.

We have 50 SHOs we are selling for $100-$300. None have engines or trannys and are in various states of disassembly. We have 89-98 SHOs available. If anyone wants one, they will have to be paid for within 7 days and removed by April 30th.

My family, who all drive SHOs, will continue to do so, but supplying the SHO community with these hard to find parts will be coming to an end.

Al Fitz
Midwest Repairables
5150 South Elk Drive
Grand Island NE 68803
308 398-5211

Al Fitz
[email protected]
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Yeah, posted in the SHO section. If only he were located a little closer...
Damn that sucks. I bought my sho light bar from him for a great price. Going to miss you Al.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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