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I want to share with you my experience that I had with my 1994 Taurus. Transmission was taking quite a while to shift from first to second gear, then, it would downshift really hard when car was reducing its speed. I thought that this is a time to replace transmission.

At the same time I noticed that rear wheel was heating up really bad (to the point when plastic wheel melted). In attempts to fix this heating problem, I had mechanical shop replaced caliper, then bearing, and then proportioning valve. It all did not help. As a last effort, I had break hose replaced and it solved this problem. Heating was gone. Mechanic at the Ford dealership told me that he newer seen break hoses plug up like that….

Anyway, now car drives way more smooth and it seems like transmission’s hard downshifting is gone. I am not sure whether those problems are linked or not.
What is your opinion or someone might have had a similar experience?
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