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DIY Replace Spark Plugs - 2003 Taurus

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This is my first post and I first want to say what a great forum and thanks in advance for any help. I've done a few quick searches but haven't really found an answer so I'm doing the easy thing and just asking.

I have a 2003 Ford Taurus @ 120k miles (v6 by the way). Apparently the spark plugs have never been replaced. My auto repairman quoted me $715 for changing the wires, plugs and (unrelated) 2 back tires. Judging from past experience that puts the spark plug and wire cost at around $400+.

I'm basically wondering how easy would it to do it myself. Parts seem to be sub $100. I've replaced wires before but never plugs. I've generally not done much in terms of engine repairs but have replace things such as bulbs, window motor, normal oil filters etc. So nothing really crazy.

Am I out of my league or is easy to do? Is there a book with detailed instructions on how to do this?

Thanks again.
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No way will I replace by 2004 duratec rear plugs without removing the UIM

On Gen 4's there are about four diferent levels of dificulty for the rear sparkplugs depending on whether it's Vulcan/Duratec, cop/coil pack,year, etc. The argument of how to replace the rear plugs also depends on how much you are prepared to "risk" working "blind". I think most "Shops" play it safe and pull the UIM for Duratecs. I have a 2001 Duratec which is probably the worst for access to the rear bank. The darned coil pack is a PITA itself to remove it's bolts mounted right over the plugs # 2 and #3 the removal of the bolts for that is working blind. OOph!! The UIM has to be pulled unless you are Houdini with hands the size of a pygmy??? For educated fun--TCCA should set up a Mr Rear Plugs competition for Mr Champion Sparkplug Dude----how fast can it be done???? Mr Rear Sparkpug Remover of the Month-----King RSM---Might be a great small business?

I removed the passenger side upper and lower cowl to check into the possibility of changing the rear plugs on my 2004 duratec.

I took a couple of pictures. There is no way I would even attempt to changed the plugs this way.

I will order the gaskets for the UIM and then remove it to change the plugs.

The first picture shows the location of #1 cop and the UIM.

The second picture shows the pass. side upper & lower cowl removed.


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