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DIY Replace Spark Plugs - 2003 Taurus

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This is my first post and I first want to say what a great forum and thanks in advance for any help. I've done a few quick searches but haven't really found an answer so I'm doing the easy thing and just asking.

I have a 2003 Ford Taurus @ 120k miles (v6 by the way). Apparently the spark plugs have never been replaced. My auto repairman quoted me $715 for changing the wires, plugs and (unrelated) 2 back tires. Judging from past experience that puts the spark plug and wire cost at around $400+.

I'm basically wondering how easy would it to do it myself. Parts seem to be sub $100. I've replaced wires before but never plugs. I've generally not done much in terms of engine repairs but have replace things such as bulbs, window motor, normal oil filters etc. So nothing really crazy.

Am I out of my league or is easy to do? Is there a book with detailed instructions on how to do this?

Thanks again.
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Good job getting it done yourself. Why did it cost $80 though? Dealer original stuff?

I remember when I did mine it cost me under $30 with wires and plugs from an auto parts store. It was like $14 for the wire set, and like $2 per plug if I remember correctly.

Those clips were the hardest part of the project though! After I finally got them off using a lot of wd-40 and pliers.

At least on my Gen 3, they are supposed to unclip to get the wires out, but were on there backwards from the factory! So I had to remove them off their studs completely to unclip them. I put them back on the 'right' way so that next time I could just unclip them instead of removing them.

The plugs and wires lasted the rest of the cars life (around 60,000 miles more), but sadly the brakes went and transmission, and a bunch of leaks forced us to scrap it at just under 200,000miles.
did you have any trouble taking the back wires off? i can get one of mine but the other 2 are hard. if i pulled my hardest i still couldn't do it. I tried wd-40 and that didnt help much, anybody know another little trick that might help?
try a slight twisting motion, but be careful.

They do sell special tools to pull spark plug wires if it's really completely jammed on there.

Usually, on the Duratec engines I just twist the plug back and fourth while pulling and it comes out, but I've never had one really badly stuck.

Be aware, if it breaks off in there or something, you may be kind of screwed haha. I can't imagine it breaking though unless it's really bad.
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