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DIY Replace Spark Plugs - 2003 Taurus

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This is my first post and I first want to say what a great forum and thanks in advance for any help. I've done a few quick searches but haven't really found an answer so I'm doing the easy thing and just asking.

I have a 2003 Ford Taurus @ 120k miles (v6 by the way). Apparently the spark plugs have never been replaced. My auto repairman quoted me $715 for changing the wires, plugs and (unrelated) 2 back tires. Judging from past experience that puts the spark plug and wire cost at around $400+.

I'm basically wondering how easy would it to do it myself. Parts seem to be sub $100. I've replaced wires before but never plugs. I've generally not done much in terms of engine repairs but have replace things such as bulbs, window motor, normal oil filters etc. So nothing really crazy.

Am I out of my league or is easy to do? Is there a book with detailed instructions on how to do this?

Thanks again.
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Yeah, I couldn't find a wire set under $50 and the plugs were $5 each which happened to be the original motorcraft ones...all they had in stock (well, with 6).

I coulda waited a week and done Rock Auto with other parks for about $30 but I feel comfortable using stock manufacturer plugs given this is my first time and its all they had across the street!

Either way, I saved some serious cash.

I just ordered my wiper hoses from Amazon of all places. We'll see how that goes next week.
Believe it or not I've ordered quite a few tools and parts from Amazon lately. I've been surprised by how much automotive stuff they stock, and the prices are great. Got a Beck Arnley timing kit for my dad's Nissan truck for $117 delivered, cheaper than anywhere locally.
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