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Digital Display

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I asked about a month ago about a digital cluster in my 95 GL. I am finnaly going to get it sat or sunday at the pull a part yard. I was wondering wat tools I will need exactly to get the thing out and approx. how long it should take. Thanx and Im getting it this weekend so i need replys fast. Thanx for all the help i can get
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I would guess maybe a couple hours. A regular analog to analog swap takes less than an hour to take apart and reassemble. You'd need a couple of Torx screwdrivers. It's a T27 for the under dash screws and, IIRC, a T30 for the ones for the cluster. You'll also need to take off the steering column shroud for easy access, but it's possible to get the cluster out w/o taking it off.
My '95 SE didn't have a digital cluster, but when I replaced the speedo all I needed was a set of torx screw drivers, regular screw drivers, and maybe a small socket. I can't remember and my b-in-law has the car now so I can't go out and look. You'll also need a pair of pliers if the speedo is mechanical and skinny forearms help.

Next Dumb question: what about millage??? I know you can change the one on the SHO speedo, which I am also considering, but the digital one seems alot harder for some apparent reason. LOL
Also it is possible to go from analog to digital right?????? Plug and plaY?????
It is possible. There was a write-up somewhere in the forums. Do a search for it.
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