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Digital Dash

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I was thinking of getting a digital dash for my gen2 because Im getting tired of converting KMH to mph when I look at it because the mph is realy realy small. So I want to get a digital dash from a sable or something. How hard are they to install and will the tack work? And also does the speedo just keep going when you keep getting more speed? Will it display 130 if I was doing 130 or does it stop at 120?
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I don't know about a Gen II digidash, but I know that in my old Buick Regal, the digital readout went to 199 MPH.
Later Gen 2 models could read upto 199, but I don't think it will since you won't go that high. Earlier Gen 2 digiclusters quit at 99 I think. It is possible to convert the clusters, but you'll need a different VSS and more wiring and the cluster. There's an article on the archives where someone converted their Gen 1 SHO cluster to a Gen 2 Sable cluster.
I just want a digital dash from a gen2. And as far as I know it has a tach which i desperately need. Also who has one of these could I get a pic or two and how much do they cost at a junkyard?
I have a digital dash in my gen 1 and it stops at 85.
I can always switch over to km/h and convert if I really want to but that's just a PITA. I doubt you'll find a digital dash that's real cheap though. I wish I could get an analog cluster in my car b/c I don't really like the digital dash - I'm afraid of it breaking and being crazy expensive to fix.
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If you want a tach, why don't you just get an analog Sable or SHO cluster? Also, some higher-end Taurus (SE/LX) might have the Sable's cluster. They've got a tach and the SHO's speedo goes upto 140 MPH.
I love digital stuff because everything else will be digital and I dont want to have like an odd end to it.
I,ve seen a post in the old old forums on this topic but I don't remember anything about it. I don't know If there is way to still get to them so I guess this is not much help.
My old Gen II Sable went up to 199 MPH/KmPH

I miss that dash, it was so cool. Told you WAY more info that any dash since, including the 04's with that 1/2 a** message center. And you could turn the TACH on and off, how cool was that!!

Glad my Grand Marquis has a Digital Cluster.

Oh Yea, as for the upgrade, Find a Gen II Sable LS with one, that would probably be easier than a retrofit since it would be a royal pain in the a** to install one.

Found it. Analog to Digital caonversion in a late G1 SHO. Late G1s have basically the same stuff behind the dash as a G2.
Go get some of the reverse glow gauges in mph, bingo problem solved.
I have also put a digital dash in my Gen II SHO. The conversion is not that hard. Everything works correctly: tach, speedo, trip computer, fuel economy, etc. You don't need a new VSS. Straight from the Ford Service manual: The digital speedometer will read to 120mph (193k/ph). See the above link for more info about the conversion. Since he did his in a Gen I and I did a Gen II swap, the info is basically the same. I'm still looking for a Taurus dash bezel though from a digital dash car, because right now I have no where to mount the four-button controller for the dash.
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