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2005 Taurus, 3.0 Vulcan, FFV

I was having a VERY difficult time filling my tank. Happened suddenly, worked great, then near impossible. I tried different gas stations, car parked at different levels, nothing helped. Had to fill at lowest rate or it would shut off.:angry:
Started reading some posts here. Read about the foil on top of fuel additives plugging up the tube. Hmmm, I had just used an additive when it started.
So today I jacked up the rear and pulled the metal filler tube out of the car. Found it has a mesh screen in the bottom of the tube, and there was one of the foil pieces plastered up against it (maybe blocking 1/3 the area of the screen). Little compressed air, and the foil is gone. I removed the piece from the filler flapper.
Filled up just like normal today:D
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