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Hi all. I hope you can help. A friend has a 2003 Sable. I don't know which gearbox is in it.

A few days ago, he was driving about 15mph, heard a pop and lost all drive.

First off, the linkage seems to be working properly. You can watch the selector lever on top of the transaxle click into place for all of the gears. The reverse lights come on when reverse is selected.

On stands with the engine running... In park, the wheels do not move, but there is a quiet, but noticeable, whine. In reverse, the wheels turn forward, but the whine goes away. In neutral, the wheels continue to turn forward, and the same whine from park comes back. The forward gears all act the same as reverse, forward direction and no whine.

The passenger side inner CV is loose in the diff housing. There's quite a bit of side to side and up and down play, MUCH more than on the driver's side. We have not yet pulled the axle.

Any ideas? I don't see how a broken circlip on the CV would cause the weird forward instead of reverse issue. Of course, I'm not familiar with the reverse system in the car, so don't see why the diff would cause that either!

Thanks for whatever light you can shed on this problem.
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