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I would first of all like to say that I'm extremely happy that I've found this website and forum. I just got my Taurus and love it. It's my first car, and I have lots of projects planned for it, but the first and most important is to replace the stereo, 'cause I've gotz'ta have my tunes.


I have to say in the last few days, I've learned a GREAT DEAL from reading these forums, I've read about every post related to stereo's in this forum, but still have a few questions and uncertainties that I know you'll be able to help me out with.

Here's the setup I have planned so far - just the most important stuff, I plan on adding an amp and sub later. I chose Infinity speakers because I've heard they're a good value for the price and are readily available on eBay. Any other recommendations for good value speakers are welcome!

Head Unit:
Sony CDX-M8805X Info

Infinity Kappa 572.5CF Info
Infinity Kappa 60.5CS Info

Here are my dilemmas:

1) I've heard that component speakers are better. But the only Infinity component speakers that are 5x7 are Reference - but are they any good? Is it a better idea to go with the Kappa 6.5s? If I fashion my own adapters for the front, will the speakers still fit in the door? What should I use to make the adapter?

2) I've also heard that it's not a good idea to have the tweeters so high up, and as we all know they are in the (I belive it's called) A pillar in the front, and that is not equidistant from the listener in relation to the woofer in the door panel. What are your opinions on that?

3) If it is better to have the tweeter and woofer together, then should I go with the 572.5CFs all around?

NOTE: I am aware that many of you are going to say that it depends on the person (about question 2) and there personal preference. My personal preference is to have sound that is clear, sound quality is number one to me and I like crystal clear sound. I'm not hung up on the usual audiophile issues where theoretically it's worse and therefore CAN'T sound better, if it sounds better/crisper, then I don't care what the theory is. Therefore, in practice, what have you guys found?

4) Will the HU have enough power to satisfactorily power the speakers? I know they'll sound better with an AMP, and since the HU only puts out 23Wrms/channel and the speakers can handle 90 or 100 - will they still sound good? Have good volume? I've heard others say that it does, but how can it when the HU's only put out ~1/5th what the speaker are rated for? Am I missing something?

Installation questions:

I don't want to mess with having to get a wiring adapter/harness - it seems like an unneeded expense when looking at the HU installation manual (attached) it's a simple matter of connecting certain wires. I would rather save all the money I can and spend in on the components. Here are my questions:

5) Do I still need to get an antenna extension/adapter? Is there some sort of proprietary connection to the antenna or can I just use any old cable and connect it to the back of my HU? What kind of connection is used to connect the antenna to the back of the HU? How can it be done well, and cheaply?

6) Where can I find the power antenna control lead to connect to the HU? What color(s) is it? [connection #2 in attached manual]. Does it have a relay box? The installation manual says it must in order to work with the HU.

7) What colour is the illumination signal wire that I would connect to the HU? Will it work with the dimmer? Is there aseparatee wire for that? [connection #5 in attached manual]

8) Is this correct: Acc/Run - BLK/PNK wire - that would connect to connection #6 in the attached manual? Hot at all times - RED/YEL - that would connect to connection #7 in the attached manual?

If that's all it takes, I see no reason why I would need to get a wiring harness. I plan on bypassing the RCU and using the HU's amp and tuner and the power antenna. Am in on the right path here, or am I missing something? Is it really as simple as that (as long as I know what wires to connect to)

9) I don't like the look of the Scosche or Metra kits, and plan on modifying the oval faceplate my self and custom fashioning a bracket to hold the HU. What would you recommend using? I'm thinking Bondo body filler. Will that stick well to the plastic, or do you have other recommendations? Has anyone else done that, because I haven't seen anyone on this forum who custom altered the faceplate?

My plan: Mask off the climate controls, fill all the holes where the buttons are with bondo, sand, paint, cut hole for HU. There will be a difference in texture where the climate control is to where I've sanded the rest of the oval. I'll either use a textured black spray paint to attempt to match the texture, or using a dremmel cut a line separating the two areas (like between the clock area (smooth) and textured plastic everywhere else). What do you think? With the HU I have planned, I think it would look really awesome installed in the oval after I modify it. Any thoughts?

10) I've got the wagon, and the rear speakers are WAAAAY in the back - which really sucks. I have to adjust the fade to make the rears fill properly. Also, the grills seem pretty large in the tailgate - so I was wondering if the speakers in the tailgate are actually 5x7 like the sedan, or bigger?

11) How would you recommend running the speaker wire to the speakers in the tailgate?

12) Is it an alright idea to adjust the fade so that the sound fills better, or does that mess with the sound stage? I know it sounds better when I adjust the fade, but would it sound even better if I built a box just behind the rear seats to house the rear speakers? Any thoughts?

13) Since I've started looking into this, I've learned that the high end (or higher end) manufacturers mostly make 2-way speakers, not 3-way speakers, which are what are usually on the shelf in stores. Naively, I would have thought that 3-ways sound better, because they have more cones and can therefore produce more frequencies. I no longer believe this to be true, but it still confounds me. Is it really true? Will the 2-way speakers I've mentioned above be able to produce nice bass and tight high end? As well/better than some 3-ways? How? I don't plan on getting a sub for a while, so I need these to produce nice bass. This whole 2-way vs. 3-way issue confuses me, please explain as best you can.

14) With what I've proposed to do above, can I just completely remove the RCU after installing the new HU and speakers? If not, how come?


I'm basically looking to install a really great sounding system, without spending too much money. I don't need it to win any contests, I just want it to sound nice and tight. Basically, the best bang for the buck and given my estimated budget from the components I've picked out, do you have any other recommendations?

Thanks so much for all your help (as you've already helped me a great deal) and I look forward to discussing these matters with you in this forum, and over the coming weeks becoming a valued contributor.



PS: When I do begin my project, I plan on doing a an extensive write-up, complete with pictures.

PPS: Apparently I can't attach the install manual, so you can find the manuals here: Manuals, for model, say: CDXM8805X and click on "Documentation".

Again, thanks!


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Man you lost me at like question 5... Your questions are so above my expirience its not even funny...

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I'm just gonna take a few of them because, well, I honestly don't remember them all, and don't want to try and read that again. Nor do I have any answers related to the wagons. Tip for the future: just ask a few questions at a time because long posts can be a turn off :)

First off, with your question about the Infinitys. I have 4 of the Infinity Kappa 5x7's in my car, and I love them. The tweeters can swivel so you can aim them where you want to send the sound. I've had them powered by my Pioneer CD player for a few months and they sound great with 22w RMS. I am currently in the process of installing an amp to give them some more juice because I'd love to hear what these can do with some more power. I'll post when I've finished that and let everyone know if it was worth it or not. As for the tweeters, I'm planning on buying a separate set of tweeters and mounting them in the pods on the doors in the next few months because I'd like to hear that also. Again, I'll post my thoughts after I install them.

You mentioned bypassing the RCU and running speaker wires. Unless you're going to drive the speakers with a separate amp, there's no point in bypassing the RCU. It's much easier and far less time consuming to connect the wiring harness to the RCU than running all new speaker wire (I'm telling you that from experience). Also, the antenna is at the RCU, so the antenna adapter is really just an extension cable to run it up to your headnuit.

That's all I'll do for now. I'll let someone else have a turn. :thumb:
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