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Diamond And Saphire Ring

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Being how I'm a platinum supporter AND a member of the moderation staff, I think I can get away with this shameless promotion of my auction.

Please take a look. I've almost got my car paid off and want to try and reduce my debt so I can actually save for a house of my own. Since this ring didn't take me anywhere, hopefully the money I make off it will.

Diamond and Saphire Engagement Ring - Ebay

If you have any questions, please PM me!

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omfg... that is one beautiful ring... Too bad I can't afford it!

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Outch! Sorry to hear that dude.. :huh:
Might want to edit your appraisal form to not show your address.
Firesspirit, you just have to find some guy to buy it for you. Simple solution!

Yeah, I should probably edit out the address. Since nobody has bid on it yet... I can still do that I think.

Just blured out the address. Thanks for catching that.

Ouch man .... that's a big hit. At least the one I bought was only about a grand ... now I don't feel so bad.
Dang... I got a buddy trying to sell an engagement ring also. Bad and bitter break up.

Good luck. I hope you find a buyer. It's a beautiful ring.
Isn't that bad luck or bad karma buying a ring from a relationship that didn't work out? I'm just messing, that sucks dude, but it's a nice a** ring though. Women, pssssssh. :angry:
Good God, man what are you trying to do to me!!!! I could have been looking at that while my wife wlked through the room, then I'd be down $3,500.00!!!! :( My wife's wedding set cost me $8,700.00, she would see that a perfect compliment.

Anyway, very nice ring. Good luck with buyers (hopefully not me).
Hey, Trooper, does your wife have and email address....? :lol:

Just Kidding. I hope it sells. I could use the money. Part of the reason I'm selling it now is because I have about as much left to may on my car as what I'm asking on my reserve price. It would be nice to kill my debt and save some. It's sad that you can now get a better interest on a 30 year mortgage then the rate I'm paying for my car. 5.9 % was good in 2000....

I got off easy. I was going to get a $1000 solitair for my fiance (wife now) but when we went together she picked out our whole set and I don't think I spent more than $700.
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