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I was thinking since the H-town folks had a meet recently, maybe we should set one up in DFW toward the end of the year or beginning of next.


Maybe even a dyno :x: Where's Grandpoohbah, we're supposed to have a duratec war :lol2: [/b]

I come around to lurk every now and then...I won't be able to make it 3/15, I'm on call(pager duty)for the job that weekend.

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New Venue!

Murph and I drove by Rahr Brewery and decided there just won't be enough parking for all of us....plus we'll all have to pack our guns because it isn't in the best part of town (not the worst part but nothing we should be taking our cars to.) We will be meeting here instead. Start time is 1pm.

Razzoo's Cityview
4700 Bryant Irvin Rd.
Fort Worth, TX 76132

phone: (817) 292-8584

We will be meeting at the above venue as its next to a Tom Thumb parking lot with plenty of room.
We'll talk cars and celebrate St. Patty's day... :chili:
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