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In view of the development trend of automotive technology described in the previous article and the trends of rubber materials related to these trends, the trend of future automotive rubber materials must be considered in the following aspects
1. The life of quality (reliability, durability) vehicles is gradually prolonged. Therefore, the car's life-span and the guaranteed operating distance have increased significantly. All rubber parts are essential to the quality of the car, that is to say, the reliability and durability of the rubber material itself is crucial to the reliability and durability of the car. For example, the compatibility of rubber materials with these alternative fuels in future fuel systems is very close.
(2) Cost from the point of view of automobile users, some parts are quite cheap in terms of their functions, and some parts are very expensive, so that users can not understand. Mainly through the improvement of general rubber performance and the development of high-functional rubber materials to control the cost of all rubber parts in automobiles. In other words, we should realize that the ability to control costs is the ability of technological development. In addition to material technology, the design and technology of vehicle cost control for reducing size and modularity are also developing constantly.
(3) recovery can be seen by comparing the recovery rate between different materials shows that the recovery of plastics and rubber is still mainly through pyrolysis, compared with very high recovery metals. It is expected that plastic materials will eventually be replaced by biomaterials, but the prospect of non petroleum based rubber materials is not optimistic.
(4) improving the functionality and improving the function of materials is the attraction of cars to users.And the main factors of cost control. The function of strong rubber material helps to solve environmental problems and safety problems. The requirements of users are relatively mature. They are paying more and more attention to high quality products and products that can give people fresh feelings. Therefore, enhanced functionality will become more and more important in comfort and driving pleasure.

Thanks for the help of the Chongqing Feilong Jiangli Auto Parts’ Technical dept. And welcome to share the idea with us ([email protected]). Thanks
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