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I will be heading to Detroit Lakes on the 7Th to meet up with a fellow member of TSOC and TCCA, we are going to offer an invite to all that want to come and hang out and talk about cars, etc. The plan as of now is that we will meet in the Detroit Lakes Wal-mart parking lot at about 3PM (He has class until then) and then will head off to grab some food at one of a few places (Zorbaz, The Fireside, or the Speak-Easy he suggested, please speak up if you have a favorite as we will likely head to the most popular choice) around 4-5PM, likely wrapping it up by about 10PM (of course there is no reason people can stay later just myself and Jared will be gone by that time.) I will be contacting a few members via PM if you see this before I get a PM to you I apologize for any repetition. I know it is a bit short notice but figured I could throw it out there. If you have any questions, concerns, etc. please feel free to contact me!

Contact info: PM me, email me (@ cdve23 at live dot com), or text me at (320) 333 9583 (email and text will get you the fastest response.) If you choose either of the former methods please include a name so I know who you are!

Please look for more info about a possible meet this summer or fall as well in the St. Cloud area of MN, we should know more within a few months from now!!

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