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Detailing With N2_space

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So I was in Indy this weekend, and met up with the detail master. What do two TCCA members do when they can't think of anything else? Detail the gen1.

My encounter with bugs on my way up to indy.

And after the cleaning

It's been a while since I vacuumed.

And after....(without a floormat)

What a little woolite and water will do on seats that have never been cleaned.

My door handles. Before


Even cleaned up the engine bay.

Floormats before.

Hey, since when are my floormats blue?!?

A few beauty shots.

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omg i'm so jealous...my car needs to be detailed soooo bad, especially after seeing your engine bay.
mine needs it, B.A.D. awesome job you guys! the car is lookin good Adam
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Thanks Kim.

Gen1 & 4 represent

I'm pretty sure the duratec was scared of my mad vulcan powah.

Gotta love the reflection in the paint...

Too bad my paint doesn't reflect as wel.

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Originally posted by Adam B.@Apr 17 2004, 07:02 PM
I'm pretty sure the duratec was scared of my mad vulcan powah.
Didn't seem that way since you were in my rearview mirror

Thanks for the compliments... we just kinda went from lets vacuum it, to ...what next? We pulled some long standing scratches and scuff marks out. Adam said wow about 47,786,654 times
He actually did the

It was fun... we could do some more but wanted to do some other things
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Wow lookin good guys! I wish i coulda joined ya.. i was working on my car too haha
Jeremy... I'm gunna run you over. You and I need to get a lil mini-meet together.
Then we can rep *RED* G3/4 tauruses!

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and ill come too...bring the black gen 3
I noticed there aren't any pictures of your trunk Adam... :p Looks good guys!
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