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Another month.... ANOTHER CHANCE TO TAKE IT ALL!!!​

Anyone can submit, you don't even have to have a super fancy decked out car! Generally the entrants have modified their cars, but anyone can enter.​

PLEASE SUBMISSIONS ON THIS THREAD ONLY! I will not include any submissions started as a new thread and will just delete those threads.

Click here to view the Subnmission Rules!!!

Voting begins the 15th and ends at the end of the month! There are room for up to 8 entries, first come first serve! If all 8 are filled before the 15th, voting will start as soon as the slots are filled.​


Any other talk or banter will be deleted. Please only ONE post per entrant! However feel free to submit many pictures (specify voting picture) and give a backstory or tell about your modifications if applicable.​

You MUST post at the very least 3 pictures. 2 of the exterior(an angled front shot, and an opposite rear shot), and 1 of the interior. The car should be clean, and the photos should be of good quality in good weather. Old pictures are fine as long as they represent your car the way it currently sits.​

The winner of this months car of the month will be promoted on the websites home page for a month!​

You can only do this one time: If you actually are reading all of this stuff I'm writing, PM SAM (admin) and tell him you're reading it and he'll give you a free 20 days of premium membership. If you already have a premium membership then he'll jump you up to 20 days platinum membership. If you already have a platinum membership, then thank you very much for reading and feel free to PM SAM and let him know you did!​

The winner will also receive a 1 year FREE Premium Supporter subscription to the site! This means no advertisements, and a forum where only supporters may converse.​

Please remember to read the rules which are stuck at the top of the Car of the Month forum. Remember, more than just Tauruses and Sables are accepted in this contest! A few other similar Ford cars are. Check the rules to find out!​

You will also be entered in the 2013 COTY contest. The winner of that will win a LIFETIME PLATINUM membership!​

Congrats on last month's winner!


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My Bull which I am entertaining the thought of naming him "YEAH".

This 2004 Bull started out as a lowly humble SES. I purchased him at a Chicago Ford dealer in 11/10. It came (aftermarket) remote start equipped. I gave it the:

*Slick 50 oil treatment
*Mobil 1 Extended oil change.

While under warranty Ford replaced & or fixed:

*idler pulley replaced
*transmission dipstick leak fixed, & the window washer fluid tubing fixed.

Then I did a few :wub: modifications.

*K & N Air Filter
I haven't steam cleaned the engine to apply the stickers

*Silverstar Ultras until a bulb went out then installed *ZXE's Silverstar's HID attitude halogens (4200 Kelvin)....[lonely Ultra survivor in ZXE case]

*DC Power's XP 270 High output alternator...its a BEAST


*1 Run of 2/0 Ultraflex welding cable

*Monster 300 battery clamps

*Big 3/4

*Stinger voltage meter

*Front stage Infinity Kappa Perfects 6.1
*Rear stage Infinity Kappa Perfects 5.1
*Initially all interconnects & Amps are RF Components & a *cough* Stinger "Voltage manager" I recently removed the museum quality 9 Farad 6 pack unconventional distribution block until I can make some buss bars. I am in the process of strengthening the entire electrical infrastructure for the system.

Other mods:

*Installed full 6 piece woodgrain kit.:Radio Bezel, Steering wheel, both front door switch covers, shifter knob & Shifter surround.
*Had a car restoration company wrap my woodgrain steering wheel in an ultra comfortable perforated dual tone European style leather wrap.

*Installed Leather interior from a 2003 decent tan interior Bull. I returned later and grabbed the floorshift assembly too B) and it's gold spoiler.

*Replaced carpet with some in better condition.

I discovered later that it is cost efficient to just buy the right color spoiler rather than have it painted. Having reservation on drilling holes;

*I purchased a trunk lid that previously had a spoiler installed
*bought a black spoiler.

Then I continued modding doing the following:

*Floor shift conversion....I had to remove the Stinger volt meter for FS trans cable
*Large Rear disk conversion........a headache of untold proportions. The floorshift mod was finished at the same time as the rear disks. The rear disc brake job made the floorshift mod seem like a cake walk. I ended up completing the rear disk at the Ford dealership due to unexpected and unforeseen complications. I got a crash course in mechanics and learned more than I bargained for that day at the dealership for (aprox. 8 hours)from guys with 20-25 years of experience of being a mechanic.

After having a tan interior for a while was nice. Then in 8/13 I saw a Sable that had a black interior and I had to have it and I couldn't sleep.
The next day I bought the entire interior from the trunk sheet metal to the firewall sheet metal. I had over 32 contractor trash bags filled and they allowed my family's van into the yard to load all the bags and my bull was loaded up also.

*Dispute with a company resolved 12/9/13. I now am 10 deliveries from radically changing my Bull's interior. Hmmm...I think it might be epic? Weather permitting I could be 30 days from bring the vision of my bull to fruition.

*Transmission fluid filter change summer of 2013 & Full tune up.

*3 new radiator hoses & new Coolant summer 2013

*4 New Rotors and new Wagner pads for the front & Hawks in back 4/13-8/13
After reviewing how a TCCA member painted his rotor rims & hats I couldn't resist. After all the taping and quadruple redundant brushing for 8 hours I am going to pay the extra $200 and buy them painted from the manufacturer.

*Replaced a 3 year old A-zone *Alternator belt that was cracking weeks later with a Carquest alternator belt replacement.

*Dual Bluetop Optima D3100 batteries installed 9/13-10/13 & retired D3100 yellowtop.

Aside from that I have swapped the dash out weeks ago. I temporarily put the original tan steering wheel back on while I seek to make a hybrid woodgrain steering wheel from parts from the Sable & the Taurus. I know it can be done. Because the restoration company disassembled it to paint the spokes and I saw later how they did it. The steering wheel shroud for lack of the proper word can be swapped and the airbag. The leather can be dyed; how well...we will see. Not much can be swapped but I will take it B)

*Auto lamps

*DRL SJB Swap >:wub:I really love this SJB!:wub:<
I had take it apart to give it a 91% alcohol bath before installation. Rub-a-dub-dub.....an DRL-SJB in an achcol tub. :wub:

Went in fast without any swearing using long extensions B)

Some of the following mods are 65%-85% complete

*Adjustable brakes w\ *Aftermarket pedal pads 75% complete.
*Blue led conversion
*EATC 75% complete?
*Modded Autodimm mirror ......I am still working on splicing in [unrevealed] accessories.

Other mods aprox. 8-15 or so I have in my apartment but haven't installed yet. Life with out a garage leaves a lot to be desired. I am a firm believer in miracles even though I rarely see them so I won't rule out doing the impossible. Especially when I have a knack for doing 3 mods or more at once.

^^^This is the voting photo^^^

*2004 Silver Sable Instrument cluster case
*2004 Sable Silver Instrument cluster dash face
*Ford 500 speedometer needles

*Blue LEDS illuminating the cluster

Car log coming soon.


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After just watching for a while, I figure I'll throw my hat in the ring this time. 2003 Taurus SES. Bought about a year ago. Mods since then include Plastidip'd wheels, centennial headlights with Philips Crystal Vision Ultras (on aftermarket harness w/ relay setup), tinted tails, head unit upgrade (Kenwood KDC-255U), and blue LED dash light conversion. It was low mileage car (72k) when I bought it, but the previous owner did nothing to maintain it aside from oil changes and tires. So far I've replaced sway bar links, struts/coils, pads and rotors, plugs/wires, and all filters/fluids. Pictures fresh out of the car wash bay :).

^^^^^^^^^^^I would prefer the above picture be the voting picture^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


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First pic will be voting pic. Pearl tuxedo black 2010 Taurus Limited. Havent done any mods yet but figured id try to enter for the fun of it. Future mods include tinted tail lights, red lighting in the grille, door handles, and possibly underglow, short ram intake, exhaust, and thats about it. I bought this car back in may of this year and it came with the 20% tint, rims, and bug shield and wind deflectors already on from the previous owner. the car i traded in for this one was a 2002 Altima SE. That car i had done a ton of stuff to.

Custom Kenwood touchscreen headunit,
complete interior LED swap including dash and shifter lights,
LED license plate lights,
swapped out the box of 12's a couple times,
set of 20" BOSS rims,
AEM CAI with hydro shield,
Blue tinted windows,
custom specific for the Altima blue footwell lighting (altima didnt have lighting in the footwells originally)
and an aftermarket honeycomb JDM chrome grill.

So from that list theres alot for me to live up to with this car. hoping to get it there some day but probably going to wait until my warranty is up in a few years. I just love going down the street and turning heads with this car. Ive had a few people get my attention at red lights and compliment the car, had people say something to me at gas stations about how the paint shimmers in the sunlight (sounds like a twilight movie lol), and nobody knows its even a ford taurus until they ask or get a second look!


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1996 Ford Taurus SHO

This is my toreador red 1996 Ford Taurus SHO with 130k miles. It has a 3.4L V8 engine with an AX4N tranny under it. The car also has a sunroof and a custom exhaust that helps silent it. I have done some upgrades to it as follows:
Kenwood MP245 Head Unit (custom install)
Rockford Fosgate P400-1 Amp
2 Kicker 5¼” speakers in front doors
2 Kenwood 6”x8” speakers in rear deck
1 Kenwood 6”x9” speakers in rear deck
1 15” Kicker CVR subwoofer

Custom seat covers-front and back

18% window tint all around
Tinted headlights (eyelids)
Tinted brake lights
Tinted running lights
CB antenna with custom PA

Voting Picture:


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Alright ill try again :p My 95 Taurus GL with the 3.0 vulcan. I have 118,000 miles on her. At first i didnt like this car when i was given it from my father. It was in poor shape (aesthetically). After 1 week of me driving it, i fell in love. Since then i have done. Im constantly cleaning my car finding new places that i missed.

A new paint job on the enitre car.
Plasti-dipped my hubcaps
Got new center caps
New headlights.
Things that i have in my house that i need to install:
New clock (the other one slowly died)
New Dash vent for passenger side (When i was younger i accidentally snapped the plastic)
First one is my voting picture

When i get a chance i want to take a picture of the engine bay. Its very clean. People walking by on the street always stop me and compliment me on it. :D

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Here is my pride and joy. My 1993 Taurus SHO. It has the 3.2L V6 and has so many mods that I dont even remember them all. Got it a few months ago and it was running sluggish. Cleaned the engine up and replaced a few items and repaired the tranny (torque converter issues) and she runs like a dream. I have gotten quite a few offers on her but she's not for sale...... at this time.

-Gen 3 brake upgrade
-3.0 Cams
-BBB and Ported intake
-Tockico struts with Eibach springs
-New Rod Bearings
-New Trannsmission and Tranny Cooler(Recently done)
-Gen 3 subframe bushings
-Catless Y-Pipe, Custom Exhaust
-Custom painted intake,valve covers
- Mach 1 Chin Spoiler

Other stuff done, but can't think of what right now.


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This may seem like a humble entry to COTM, but since you have two extra spots, and since it IS Christmas......here's my 1995 3.0 GL. :D

Here's my voting picture, taken before the Disco Balls were fitted but otherwise as he is now:

And here after the Disco Balls lamps were fitted:

Let's put it on record right now: I LOVE this car. I bought it when I first moved to the USA from the UK five years ago. It was in Connecticut: the original owner gave it to her daughter, who was friend of mine. She then gave it to HER teenage daughter who didn't like it. It had lain under a tree for a year and was so green I couldn't tell where the glass began. Four flat tires and a flat battery too. She wanted $1000 for the car, and it had 100k exactly on the clock. I was dubious, but connected up a battery and it started first time! I washed it down and it came up almost like new. I was sold. The mouse colony was evicted and I had transport.

In the last five years I've driven it to CA, where it's passed every smog easily. It now has 145k and is a joy. I love it. I've done the following to the car:

  • SHO gauge cluster
  • Aluminum wheels from an SE
  • New complete struts
  • New rear springs (one broke)
  • a LOT of trim etc from the junkyard
  • New Tires
  • Disco Ball headlights
  • Decent stereo
  • Countless hours of polishing, fettling and messing around :rolleyes2:
  • A lot of stuff I can't remember

Every time I hear someone being smartass about Fords I tell them about this car. There's NO WAY I'll ever sell. Future work includes motor mounts, some front suspension rubber and a new oil pan gasket. But it's great, and did I mention that I love it?

Oh, and my friend named it Rex. I of course do not name cars....... Merry Christmas!

:biggrinjester: :cheers:
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