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97 merc sable. duratec, AX4N, 71K miles Texas.

I am noticing some hard shifts when decelerating from moderate speeds, I amguessing from 3>1 or 2>1. As both speed and RPMs decreases, the car will "buck" as its hitting a lower gear. I have gotten into the habit of watching my RPMs. As I approach 1K RPMs the car will "buck" into a low gear. It is becoming noticable. I did driver for about 1K miles on low fuild when I just got the car 10/15/10 but I have since kept the fluid levels regular.

It ALMOST feels as if the throttle is engaged. I do notice that when i release the brake and do NOT apply the throttle, the car will rev ITSELF up to about 20-25 Miles per hour if I let it, going through normal shifting, NO PEDAL.

TPS? VSS? Dirty IAC? Also with what does one "clean" the IAC with?

P.S Does not happennearly as bad or at all when coming down from highway speeds, almost a non issue.
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