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Dear God In Heaven!

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Abso-friken-lutely AMAZING BULL!!!


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Don't Gen 2 SHO have 3.2 litres engines?(or 3.4, not sure)...because that site says 3.0...which I know to be the case for the Vulcan (duratec also?)
gen 2 had both a 3.0L v-6 mounted to the 5 spd manual and a 3.2L V-6 mounted to a 4 spd automatic.

the 3.4 you are thinking of was a V-8 offered in the Gen 3 96-99 SHO.

Duratec is also 3.0l v-6 but it lacks 20hp that the 3.0L SHO produced.
I believe this is the breakdown:

3.4L V8 in the Gen3 SHOS
3.2L V6 in the Automatic Gen2 SHOs
3.0L V6 in the Manual Gen2 SHOs
3.0L V6 in the base Taurus

*edit* damn, I was way late to the punch there
:thanks: sorry for hijacking the thread
i dont care... someone buy this car so we can all oooooh and aaaaaah at some club meeting!
Originally posted by XLSuruaT@Apr 19 2004, 09:46 PM
Dont need the lottery, just $10000
I live in canada...

I would need a 2.5Millions + lottery to ocnvert to 10G US =]

(j.k guys =] )

just.. 10G CDN sounds scary.. LMAO!! say 10G USFunds and i almost faint!
Repost. This car was on sale before; I'm pretty sure the last time they asked $15k for it. Not sure if it sold or what. The picture is the same and so is the mileage (AFAIK) so I'm guessing the last auction fell through.
If I hadn't just got a Gen 4 in August...
Oh well, I still love my car
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That thing is unbelievable. The duct work and the charger look so clean...like they were meant to be there...maybe Ford should be sent a picture of this car so that THEY could start offering a HiPo version with a blower...GM does it with many of their cars, why can't Ford???

That thing should be intercooled.

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If it wasnt MTX I would seriously have bid on it. I saw the car also on ebay befor this thread. Very nice ride. There is another SHO on ebay that is nice. Not moded thought but the condidtion and low milage is great!!! 1994 SHO white.

oh great, now i have to go change my pants. j/k

That thing should be intercooled.[/b]
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I want that pool stick holding up the hood
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Originally posted by civicex@Apr 23 2004, 07:31 PM
I want that pool stick holding up the hood
It's not a pool stick, its one of those collapsible batons
And, yes, I would like to own that car, if not for the problem of having to replace 1st and 2nd gear every couple of years ...
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That car is on car domain but i doubt he could sell it for 10 g, I mean its a tight ride, but ppl do not know the respect of a SHO and what it can do supercharged.
If that car goes any lower in price I will put a bid on it.
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