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Dear Bob Gervais

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I've had ongoing problems with my 87 taurus i was ready to give up and I literally replaced everything all the way to the expensive set of fuel injectors. This Engine is new all the way except for the crank pistons cam and valves. I had a problem that no one could seem to fix. Bob you gave me the answer long ago in the link above it states my problem and a fix. I didn't think it was the timing chain. BUT IT WAS!!! the whole time I doubted it was The car has only 110k miles on it and people were doubting it was the chain. Well as to the last post i was occurring on this very fourm i started to get to the timing chain. Well I was under the impression that a timing chain either works or it don't WELL I WAS WRONG AND BOB IS RIGHT. If i were to check this out long ago Bob you would have saved me some serious money and stress. I work on new cars at work with the latest tools for the newer car above 95 well i took on this challenge as i got this taurus for free from my best friends grandmother and i promised her i would keep it going. HELL ITS A 87 with only 110k it is in decent shape little rust show me a taurus in the salt belt without rust. BUT long story short i can tanks everyone in this fourm for all the help.

SYMPTOMS OF A LOOSE TIMING CHAIN: Will not start when COLD! Popping NOISE felt on gas pedal when stopped and in gear, Popping will go away in PARK and NEUTRAL or Feathering the gas(Due to loose cain putting the car out of timing when letting off the gas and coasting without load on engine putting in park makes the engine coast therefore correcting slack in chain). RATTLING in the engine (timing chain hitting the cover) SEARCHING IDLE (due to the momentum of the chain being loose causes the timing to change)

Too check for timing chain wear.

Distributor: remove distributor cap then rotate engine in one direction then when the rotor starts to move go in the opposite direction It should begin to move immeadtely to the other direction if not replace chain you have slack or wear.

Distribitorless: Same as above but you must remove the valve cover to watch the valve train parts moving.

There should be no slack whatsoever

Thanks agin for all the posts and help i have have spent a lot of money to get it perfect but it is there now and i LEARNED plenty Im mostly a GM person but i favor any car except the EUROPEAN CARS all cars are built the same. Most people b**** that one car is better then the other but if it were up to YOU to build a car could you do it. Im my works ALL cars are Built The SAME every one will have it flaws but if i were to build one i wouldn't expect it to last but i would be proud of what i had made.

Thanks for all you guy and gals time and replys Id hope this car gets me to work and back without problems
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Ahem, car without rust in the rust-belt. *points down*

PS - Way to go Bob!
Hehe, Bobby knows his shtuff.

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