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Hey guys, I have an odd issue. I have a 2008 Taurus SEL with dual climate control. The passenger side AC is very cold, the drivers side is ambient temp.
Normally I think it's a blend door actuator...no big deal.
Here is where it gets odd. The BDA works fine. If you dial up the temp it gets hot. Dial it down it gets cool, but not cold. I even unplugged the control module and ran the door both ways with a 9v battery, you can hear it move (no clicking) and the temp swings up and down, but never gets cold like the passenger side.

OK, so maybe it's an issue with the blend door. So I pull the actuator out and stick a T47 torx in its place and rotate the door full open and full closed. Temp goes from hot to ambient temp just like with the BDA connected.

So I think maybe something fell down the vent and the door isn't able to move all the way. OK, so I put a hose pincher on the heater hose to stop hot water from going through the heater core and there is maybe 1 or 2° change at best.

It doesn't add up. Even if the door was stuck on hot, clamping the hose should have dropped the temp.

Anyone have any other ideas?

Thanks in advance.
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