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My 1995 Sable LS Wagon has had an annoying problem from day 1. If I drive over a bumpy road, railroad tracks, or any other rough surface, the dashboard shakes and vibrates. (Forget using the in-dash cupholders...) Once I rigged an apparatus and measured a 2 inch vertical movement of the center of the dash. The dealers checked everything and said "it's normal", the same old lame answer to everyhing they can't figure out.
For the record, it has the 3.8 headgasket shredder engine, split bench seats, and column shifter.
I've been told to check the dashboard mounting bolts at the center of the dash, and everything seems tight. I've also heard that the firewall needs a stronger reinforcement. I'd really like to be able to use the coffee cup holders in the dash without slopping my java all over the floor.
(Maybe this is why the interior color is called "Mocha"...)
Anybody have a clue?
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