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Dash Lights - 94 Taurus Gl

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This morning I noticed my dash lights are off when the headlamps are on. Cannot adjust them with the dimmer switch and the overhead light won't come on when the switch is put in that position. Checked out my tail lights and they are on so I think that means the fuse is ok (although I have not pulled it).
Any ideas...I'm thinking the switch itself.
Also,anyone changed the bulbs in back of the speedo display? I know I have one burned out. Is it a take off the entire dash to get to deal?
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Read here to learn how to take off your guage cluster. It's a simple process and won't take you too long. (Plan for half hour - 45 minutes the first time) While you're at it, look at your headlight switch. I have a problem where my harness is starting to melt (there's a TSB on this), and that will sometimes cause the dash lights to not turn on. While you're there, you can change your bulb.
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Do the easy solution first - check the fuses.
The dash fuse does not control the taillights - they have their own fuse.

Hey if I was there, i would look at the fuses for you.

It don't take much to blow the dash fuse, something else ties into it.

HAYNES manual has something showing the fuse layout.

With removing the dash - you will prolly need some TORX bits to remove.
I had the same problem in my 94 gl, I looked everything over, thought it was the dimmer switch. Ended up being the fuse that I missed seeing. Orange 5 amp fuse in the top of the box.
Mine quit working for a little bit but my tail lights are out as well. Headlights work tho. Wiring harness is melting too. Thought I would just cut the harness out and wire direct to switch. Then the dash lights and tail lights start to work again. Then quit. Now they are on really dim...only if I have low beams on...with high beams I got nothing. Cus I can be lazy with fixing stuff on my car (That and I do not have to do a lot of night driving) I spliced into my headlight wires and ran a wire to my tail lights so I dont have to worry about it too much.

Im thinking it definatly has something to do with the harness cus if i have the heat on too long it gets real hot and the light start to flash. Really annoys me.

Should work if I get rid of the harness and wire direct to switch right? Or am I going to have to go to a wreakers and get a new harness?
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