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I noticed the other day that my dash cluster backlight was out, and later that day, someone followed me to my house to let me know that my taillights were out, but I still had brake lights and turn signals. I replaced the fuse with the appropriate fuse (15 Amp) and they worked, all of them, but the fuse blew again.

I have a set of driving lights mounted behind the grill, but I've had them for about a year now and they've caused no problems, so I don't know what is suddenly causing this. My concern is that I cannot drive at night as I do not have tail lights.

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas as to what it could be, or how I could fix it?

I'm planning on rewiring the driving lights so the wiring is cleaner, and I'm going to re-ground them to the engine ground from the negative battery terminal, could that fix the problem? If anyone has any knowledge that could help fix this I would greatly appreciate it, plus it would allow me to drive at night.

Thank You.
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