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I have a 1992 3.8 l V6 Sable LS wagon with the all digital dash. I like it very much but am having some problems.

The ignition lock cylinder is very loose (too many keys dangling for too long). So some times even when the key is out, and the car is off the chime sounds. That has gone on for a very long time. Just too lazy and cheap to fix it till now.

Some time back, the wipers started to work only intermittently (not the intermittent timed delay, but just whenever the wipers felt like it). Then they worked not at all.

The next electrical problem happened relatively quickly. I was driving one night and the dash lights all went out. On an analog instrument panel that would not be that difficult. This car has the all electronic system, so I lost speedometer and everything.

The first couple of times the dash came back on. Then it went off permanently. I replaced the 15 AMP fuse (since the fuse was blown). I turned on the car, and the new fuse immediately blew. So I knew I had a short in the system for the dash. I also lost turn signals (although the four way flashers worked).

So, since I had lost windshield wipers and turn signals (and since the multi-function switch was original), I decided that would be a good place to start on repair work.

I just got done putting in the new multi-function switch. The problem with the wipers remains as does the dash problem. So there is a short somewhere else.

The wipers and the dash could be two totally unrelated issues. The dash goes through a 15 AMP fuse and the wipers go through a circuit breaker.

I can take off both of the connectors going to the multi-function switch and check with a volt/ohm meter for proper voltages and shorts. Does anyone have a pinout with those voltages called out.

It would not hurt a bit to replace both the ignition lock cylinder and the ignition switch then I would have no worries about either of those two items.

It is possible the windshield motor is just worn out, or that the delay unit is bad. Beyond that I can not really think of anything that would be likely to fray or short.

Oh yes, the digital clock gave up, first the light and then the lcd segments. So I need to replace that too.

Anyone with an idea of where to start next? And no, throwing the car away is not one of the options;), I am a techno nerd and like electronic things.

Thanks for the help.

Neal Lewis
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