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I am having some trouble with my 97' Ford Taurus. I keep getting a Check Engine light and I have pulled the codes P0305 (Cylinder 5 Misfire) & P0174 (System too Lean (bank 2)). I figured it was the ignition system, however after replacing the plugs and wires (Auto-Lite), I kept getting P0305. I then replaced the coil pack. The old one did have a hairline crack over the #5&6 stack, but after a code reset, I'm still pulling this code.
My symptoms include: Rough idle and acceleration, drop in gas millage and my ses blinking after about 5 minutes (I read it indicates my Cat could be getting damaged?). I've read through some threads about this problem, but not getting quite the answer I need.

Here is what I know:

- Millage: 147,000
- Engine: Vulcan 6 Cylinder 3.0
- Cat is likely bad, and I will getting it replaced soon, but could it cause a misfire?
- O2 sensors changed at 120,000 miles about 2 years ago.
- EGR valve and sensor changed 2 years ago
- Camshaft position sensor changed 2 years ago
- Lucas fuel treatment added (to no effect)

Possible problems:
- Bad/Dirty fuel injector
- O2 Sensor
- Burnt Valve (praying this isn't it)

So I'm thinking the injector? How would I go about doing this? I'm a self-taught DIY backyard mechanic with moderate skill. I do most repairs on this car myself. This is new territory for me though, so I am having difficulty visualizing some of the steps I read online on how to do pull the injector.

How many injectors are there? (6 I am guessing)
How do I locate the suspect injector?
Do I need to remove the intake manifold?
Do I need to switch off the Inertia fuel pump, or can I just disconnect the Neg Batt Terminal?
How do I safely remove preassure from the fuel line?
Can I easily check for a burnt valve, or should I leave this to a Pro?

Any advice/Tips would be appreciated! :)

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The 305 is likely due to the 174 lean code. If no 171 code or pending code is present, you very likely have a vac leak at cyl 5 in the upper or lower intake manifold. Fix the 174 and I bet the missfire code will go away.

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change the gaskets on the plenum first only about $7.00 and unbolt the egr and make sure the gasket is good and replace if not good only about $3.00 and if u know a back yard mechanic like i do use a smoak machaine to check for vacume leaks the machine will pump smoak in everywhere good luck
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