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Hey all,

Busy doing the trans swap on my 2000 SE and most things are going along pretty well. Got all my parts and looking forward to putting things back in shortly.
One problem, however, is I find myself unable to remove the driver's side CV axle out of the donor transmission. When I pulled it from the parts-yard, I simply cut the inner boot and left the inner shafts inside the transmission.
I know it seems simple - merely pry it out with a screwdriver or a pry-bar until it pops out, but this one is being straight-up DIFFICULT. the ones in my car came out like a breeze and the passengers side came out with a bit of convincing with a hammer on a crowbar... but I am unsure of where to pry this driver's side out without breaking the case.

Is there a special trick to prying these out? Or somewhere on the tranny that's best to get leverage with?

Thanks in advance,
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