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Cutting Exhaust

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Alright, I just got my flowmaster 40 series this morning and I'm in the process of mounting it. But I need the cut the old muffler off. What should I use to cut it? And no, I don't have a cutting torch
. Any answers would be of great help!
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would that work? ...without killing my arms?
Hacksaw, cutoff wheel, if you have an Autozone nearby they will loan you an exhaust pipe cutter tool.
an exhaust pipe cutter tool? do they charge to loan things out? I started with the hacksaw, and I'm about 1/16th of the way through it and i'm already tired. lol.
The cutoff tool at autozone is something like a chainsaw chain attached to a vice-grip. They charge no more than $30 for that tool, you get the cash back when u return it.
I used a hacksaw my self. It took about 5 minutes each. New blades. Out of curiousity how did you attach the muffler back to the exhaust (new) with out a welder? I had to rig mine until I went to a shop and had them weld the last hanger by the bumper to the muffler. I clamped the front end of the muffler.

DONE and DONE! I just used a 2 1/8" repair pipe, and ran it back, then I clamped it on with 2" muffler clamps. It sounds AWSOME! I'll get some pictures and videos later on today or tommorow. Thanks for the help guys!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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