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Hey guys,

Its been fun but I think its time to move on from the taurus. I'm looking to buy a new car and this one just sits in the Car port. SO, I figured Id chck and see if anyone wants it on here. Since it was pretty much born and raised in these forums. I know Ill never get what I put into it back out of it and I'm fine with that.

Anyways here is my old CotM thread it has mostpics in there. Car pretty much looks the same as in the CotM except for the rear drums to breaks conversion as well as an upgraded to 11.6 rear rotators.

Car will come with everything listed. Aftermarket audio equipment will not be included. But if you want it ill leave the subwoofer box and wiring in. everything else audio wise will be replaced with stock mach unit.Here is a run down of all the mods and what not. Ill get new pics sometime this week.

Car: Ford Taurus
Year: 2005
Engine: 3.0 OHV (Vulcan)
Transmission: Automatic
Body type: Sedan
Trim level: SE
Factory Color: Winddevil Blue
Mileage: 62,000
Purchased Price: $12,000
Total Spent On Mods $16,456

Amount still owed on the note: $1,615 (will be paid off in 4 payments)
Asking Price: $5700

NADA Pricing (NADA is used by dealerships and banks)
-Rough Trade: $4,900
-Average Trade: $5,775
-Clean Trade: $6,500
--Clean Retail is $8,825


-00-up Taurus American International kit
-18" RVM 18x7.5 (5x108) bolt pattern. Hankook Ventus HRII tires 225/40-18 (Winter Rims)
-20'' U2 007 20x8.5 (5x108) bolt pattern. Toyo Proxes 4 225/35r20 (Summer Rims)
-Black Painted Ford Grille Emblem
-Black Painted Ford Trunck Spear Emblem
-Chrome Grille
-Chrome Trim Dash Kit
-Chrome Trunk Spear
-Custom Chrome "SHO" Bumper Emblems
-Custom License Plate
-De-badged Trunk
-Red Painted Front And Rear Calipers
-Silver-Faced Speedo Cluster
-Two Original Lamborghini "Silver BULL" Aluminum Fender Emblems
-WeatherTech's In-channel Dark Smoke Front/Rear Side Window Deflectors
-Window Tint


-Custom Black Paint With A Slight Gold Pearl Flop
-Custom Bodywork:
  • Functional Hood Scoop,
  • Razzi Z-Force Body Kit,
  • M3 BMW Style Lip Spoiler,
  • Trunk Mounted 3rd LED Brake Light,
  • Rear Suicide Doors,
  • Four Door Shaved Handle Kit,
  • All Accent/Groves In Doors and Bumpers Were All Smoothed Out.)

-Custom Painted Black Interior
-Blurwood Wood Grain
-Black Replacement Carpet
-Black Gen 2 Leather Seats


-2.5" Universal Crystal Clear Euro Driving Fog Lights
-45 Bulb Led Tail Lights
-Custom Retrofitted Centennial HID/Projector Headlights
-EFX wireless 7 LED Underbody Glow Kit
-Modified Gen 4 Stock Taillights
-Power Mirror W/ Puddle Lamp
-Red LED Turn Signal Mirriors
-Trunk Mounted 3rd Break Light


-Custom Bent Pips For Dual Exhaust
-Flowmaster Super 40 Muffler
-2 Vibrant Oval Stainless Steel Exhaust Tips


-Rear Drums to 10.9" Disc Conversion:
  • Rear Knuckle Assembly
-11.6" Rear Brake Conversion:
  • New 11.6" rotors
  • Re-manufactured 1987-1992 Ford Taurus Rear Brake Calipers
  • Right & Left Rear Brake Cables
  • Right & Left Rear Brake Hydraulic Hoses

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If I had the money I would but it in an instant. I would love to have my Centennial looking like this. If I could I would just buy the headlights and/or hood. Very nice car, very nice.

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Yeah Im just gettin bored of it. Its been a great car dont get me wrong. I just have my eye on a new 300c!!
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