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1990 Taurus GL
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Hey guys, been a while. I got my engine out, torn down and now I'm doing measurements of the various doodads and whats-its.

1. I'm working on the clearances for cyl/bore.

All my bores came out to < 3.507, with zero scoring and the walls are silky smooth.

I measured my pistons (with rings removed) and they came out between 3.479 -3.482 (assuming I measured correctly).

My amateur understanding of what a Maximum Service Limit is, is that it's maximum allowable gap, correct?

According to te Vulcan specs I've found MSL is 0.031". All my gaps are above 0.020" but the largest gap is 0.026". Even though this is within the (assumed) allowed limit. Should I reuse these pistons or get new ones?

2. When disassembling things, we twisted (what I assume to be) one of the transmission coolant lines, I can't find a replacement, although I can find the fittings. Is there anything I can look for specifically (keyword or whatever) to see if a suitable replacement pops up? This is the line that comes out of the Car-Front side of the tranny (bottom fitting) that wraps around the front of the radiators to the passenger side of the car.

I think that's it for now. Any and all advice you could spare me is greatly appreciated.
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